After Before: Pattern Set

Been working on a series of patterns involving beasts and their derivative products. It raises serious societal questions like how much more delicious does it make marshmallows for me now that i know they have pork in them?

Right here the cow is thinking "man I bet I'm delicious".

This one feels less successful because the negative space isn't very tight, but i like the super 2D gator.

I also found out that almost everything red in my supermarket is made from bugs: yogurt, ice cream, candy, cosmetics, fruity drinks, all made from cochineal beetles. Many of these items list "natural coloring derived from cochineal" amongst their ingredients; derived is another way of saying "smashed, dried, powdered, and blended up juicy".

While I enjoy a nice goose down parka, I recognize that the relationship is somewhat more troubled for the goose.

And then we printed some big sheets to use as wrapping paper...